Jumpsuit Pictures


Elvis had a large collection of unique jumpsuits

The jumpsuit designs and would grow more elaborate as the years went by, They were designed by Bill Belew and made in Hollywood.

Sometimes Elvis would suggest various design ideas. Many of the jumpsuits have been named by the fans,depending on the design of the suit.


Elvis wearing a two-piece suit for a change - 1975

Elvis with Charlie Hodge 1972. The Blue Owl Suit

Elvis wearing one of the few black jumpsuits he had. 1972

The Mexican Sundial Jumpsuit


sundial mixed 1977

Elvis wore the sundial suit during nearly all of his later 1977 concerts. I have no idea how it was cleaned and ready for the next show. It never looked grubby on stage, so it had to have been rushed for cleaning and ready for the next show Elvis did.

It was first made for Elvis in 1974 and pictures of him can be seen in that year. It looked a loose fitting suit back then, which is probably why Elvis wore it so much in 1977.

The suit is on display today at Graceland and shows sign of wear on the front zipper.

1974 Dragon Jumpsuit
The dragon jumpsuit had a striking dragon design. Usually the suits had rhinestones making up the artwork, but some, like this one were embroidered with various designs. The belts were very much part of the suits and Elvis would sometimes use various belts from other jumpsuits if he liked them, even if they weren't designed for the particular jumpsuit. This suit features the original belt. 

Elvis would put his thumbs in the gold chains which hung from the belts. During one concert Elvis wore a belt without any chains. He was about to hook his thumbs in them and realized there were no chains - he then sang a line of "Take these chains from my heart..."